DJ controls or DJ devices are one of the most popular hardware that help composers and sound industry professionals or even DJs to control DJ software through personal computers and laptops or mobile phones.

If we want to explain a little more clearly, in fact, DJ controllers are a very advanced and modern interface between audio and sound experts and DJ software, and it helps people in the de-industrialization and audio-recording experts to control every movement and audio technique. That apply to DJ devices, automatically apply to DJ software as well.

As you may have noticed, these DJs are used in many different places; If we want to give some examples of these places and applications of this DJ device, we can compile movies and teasers, live music performances in concerts, celebrations and special ceremonies, in music recording studios by composers and singers, and so on.

DJ Alvin’s description about the Pioneer ddj400 DJ controller

The Pioneer ddj400 DJ controller has a special design suitable for the individual and stylish, which attracts the attention of all music and sound enthusiasts. This DJ device is designed and developed for use with the famous rekordbox dj software, and also this model is one of the best DJ devices, despite having specialized facilities and extremely intelligent capabilities for experts in the field of sound and recording, with light weight and Is portable.

In addition, one of the added value that the designers and sales experts of this model of DJ device have provided to buyers and customers in their field is the license and training of rekordbox dj software; Because many people who buy and purchase this device may not be very familiar with the world of music and songwriting and do not know how to use software related to the special order to you properly. That’s why Pioneer provides free music-making software tutorials to its customers so that they can easily create their favorite music using this controller.

DJ Alvin says about the general specifications of the Pioneer ddj400 DJ controller:

Dimensions: 30 x48x4 cm

Weight: 2 kg

Frequency range: 1 Hz

Audio output level: 1 vrms

Type of effects: rekordbox-virtual dj software effects

Software compatible with: rekordbox- virtualdj

Sound card specifications: 24 bit / 44.1 kHz

Number of filters: 2 pcs

Capacitive jigsaw puzzles are cleverly installed in this device, showing very little delay when recording audio, and two screw sliders with full tempo control when experts and composers are mixing sounds, bass sounds And eliminates the more inconvenient, makes the net output of the DJ controller device is completely clear and transparent and has no extra noise.

It is also interesting to know that this model of the best DJ device, supplies its power through USB connection and immediately after connection, the device is ready to work. On the other hand, the internal sound cards of this model, one of the best DJ devices available in the Iranian market, reflect the clear sound of the reputation with high volumes.

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