On Windows, the days of the classic Start Menu are numbered. Users previously used the Start Menu to launch programs, access system settings and tools, and run searches.

With Windows 10, and even more so with Windows 11, comes a major change that transforms the Start Menu into an advertising delivery system.

A menu that lists all installed programs, a search option, and a list of pinned applications are all displayed on the Windows 11 Start Menu. A recommended section is also available; more on it later.

Microsoft is testing a number of Start Menu additions that will include advertisements. We as of late referenced two increments that we know about: listings on the website under recommended, and when users activate it to use functions like switch user or sign-out, they see an advertisement in the account menu.

Some of these are used to promote Microsoft services, particularly those that involve data sharing or subscriptions. Others, such as the Start Menu’s recommendations for websites, promote third-party services.

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