There is an overall understanding that our constructed world ought to become environment nonpartisan. However, it is still unclear how construction will need to change in order to make this future a reality. Simultaneously, the monetary and social system for development and particularly for lodging development are evolving. Reuse of building components, building products, and building systems is accompanied by a new design and construction ethic and architectural aesthetic.

We ponder the question, “What are the new parameters and models for the construction of housing for future generations at all other scales, including urban context?” How can sustainable solutions and practical action that promote low carbon footprint, liveability, and societal cohesion help buildings address global climate and health issues? What kinds of investment strategies make it possible to construct new and existing buildings in a way that is both sustainable and focuses on the needs of the people who live there? What is the future’s sustainable house?


-Boris Schade-Bünsow, Supervisor in Boss (Bauwelt)

-Claire McManus (JFOC Modelers, Lodging Representative for the Imperial Establishment of Planners of Ireland)
-Elizabeth Endres (Teacher at Technische Universität, Institut für Bauklimatik und Energie der Architektur (IBEA))
-Sinus Lynge(Partner, EFFEKT Designers)
-Lars Petersson (The VELUX Gathering, Chief)

About the association among VELUX and the UIA World Congress of Modelers

As a feature of VELUX Gathering obligation to speeding up reasonable turn of events, communicated in Gathering’s 2030 supportability methodology – In 2023 VELUX Gathering has taken up on a job of Effect Accomplice to the UIA World Congress of Engineers in Copenhagen. Our organization with UIA depends on a common objective of driving green change of the structure business towards improvement of reasonable structures by encouraging exchange and uniting worldwide assessment pioneers and significant partners from all areas of the business. Through this organization, we mean to motivate and energize the trading of thoughts among industry accomplices, driving the way towards a more maintainable structure climate that benefits the two individuals and the planet.

VELUX Group will concentrate on three primary issues as an Impact Partner:

– Global sustainability; – The housing of the future; – The next generation of professionals in the industry

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