Unised International is an upcoming platform which will change Indian education system to the whole for better. Unised International is providing a series of technological innovations by changing the play may methods in classroom. Curriculum has become more interactive, engaging and fun-loving where students explore concept of even ratio and proportion using animations and motion capture technology and similarly for others.

Unised is creating such a platform where the students will come for some book-less education and will explore themselves in a young age. Students here will learn life skills and applications of them through their own imagination. It will create a society where we will focus more on teaching moral values and life skills to children than teaching them bookish knowledge. We believe moral values and life skills are something that needs to be inculcated since childhood and a child should be brought up with these values. Bookish knowledge can be mugged up but moral values and life skills cannot be mugged up. We will be preparing future kids where moral values will be more important than bookish knowledge. We will be adding Artificial Intelligence, 3- D painting, Augmented Reality and Day Care in our curriculum in order to produce good children with developed values. In future, both the parents will working in offices in every house and will return late at night which will lead their child to be alone at home and get frustrated. To prevent this, we will be having our timings till evening where children will be taken proper care of. We will provide food full of nutrition, rest, take care of them. Parents can directly leave their child at the centre in the morning and pick up from there itself after they are back from their work. We will basically nourish them to our level best. We will introduce Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) labs in some of the primary schools near our Unised school. Basically, this means that we will empower nearly 10-15 government school. Our motive of doing is this to provide quality education to every student out there who aspire to become a big man in future. We will not provide education just to the rich kids or kids from a big back-ground but also to those students who cannot even afford the fees for even the govt. school. We believe that every students has a right to education and so we will provide them with their right. Since children health is most important, we will be having a physician, a Psychiatrist and a nutritionist will be available at every centre 24/7. We will try our best that any child at our centre doesn’t require any doctor but in case they will need, our doctors will be just one call away. Our nutritionist will make sure that food we will be giving to our children will be full of nutrition and will be healthy enough to provide them with energy and good health.

Unised will change India’s education system. We just need your support and trust. We will make sure that each and every student who passes out from our centre learns something good and keeps it remembered life -long.