Twins are a blessing to have. But let’s admit it. No matter how happy you are for the twins, you aren’t ready for them and would be caught by surprise on several occasions. Parenting for a single child is hard, so it’s only fair that you be scared of taking care of two at once. But thankfully, it is not that hard, especially if you know what you are doing. The following tips will not only prepare you for taking care of your twins but also turn this wonderful experience into … well, wonderful!

Prearrangements for the Twins
First things first, you will need a lot of equipment and arrangement to prepare for your twins. You would want to capitalize on it as much as possible. Because once the twins come, you won’t have time for anything else (at least for some months).
You need to set-up their room and baby-proof the home. Prepare one, or several changing stations equipped with all the necessary supplies. Consider stacking few extra wipes in different places where you would most likely be spending time. You should also invest in portable cribs so you can safely leave one while you are tending to the other. Find out more ideas on what else you can get here.

Bulk shopping and Twin Discounts

You would want to buy your baby accessories in bulk due to more than one reason. You would often have your hands full, so you won’t be able to run to the store for quick errands. And besides, buying the essentials in bulk would let you save up on well-welcomed discounts. Some stores even offer considerable savings in the “Twins” categories. So, cap-up on as many diapers, wipes, and clothes as much as you can. Because if you think you have already bought enough, well my friend, you are in for a surprise.

Two Babies One Schedule
Sticking to a schedule is highly recommended even if you have only one child. After all, who wants to wake up to a crying baby at 3 in the morning?
So, if you are feeding one of the babies, feed the other one as well. And if one is up, wake the other one. It is hard to wake a sleeping baby. But if it’s not done, you would be stuck in an endless loop. Tending to one baby or the other, over and over again.
Tip: You can keep track of feeding or sleeping schedule on pocket nanny handheld digital device or several mobile applications. It is hard to keep track of everything in the mind. These apps also let you predict phases such as teething or recommending vaccination when it is time.

Feeding Hustle
Feeding the twins is a hustle and you would be juggling a lot of tasks at once. You fed, burped, and changed the second baby only to find out the routine has restarted for the first one.
It is better that you feed them at once. That is no easy task, especially when you are breastfeeding, which is recommended for the first few months. After which you can start easing into bottle-feeding and getting a bit relaxed.

You might need to experiment with different breastfeeding positions to find out what works for you. One strategy is you rest each child’s head in each palm with their legs stretching out behind you. A U-shaped pillow would also help you as it can be adjusted just at the right height. You should also alternate each baby on both breasts as one might be feeding more than the other. This helps produces equal amounts of milk and lessen the chance of a blocked duct or engorging of one.

Grandparent’s Help
Any type of help is always welcomed once you become a parent. It is often a rule amongst parents to Never say no to someone who offers to babysit. It will help you relax, catching up on errands, or getting a power nap – Naps would be as rare and as valuable as diamonds. And new parents often worry about someone else taking care of their baby. So, relax. The grandparents got this. They raised you after all!

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