We recently caught hold of one such Instagram handle that has been grabbing all the attention for its fun and unique content. It’s a handle started by a Maharashtrian married couple named Prasad and Deepika who named their account after their initials. Prasika as it reads, the couple has been creating some hilarious content that every Indian household would relate to. It all began with Prasad’s interest in creating content who is well known as Ur IndianConsumer aka UIC on YouTube which was created back in 2014. The channel showcases relatable content resonating with every Indian household that made the Vedpathak family the first Indian family to share personal life details in the form of vlogs – UICVlogs. It was going well until the first lockdown phase of the Coronavirus pandemic when Prasad’s wife Deepika decided to expand their horizons by making relatable TikTok videos for a Marathi-speaking audience. The couple kept receiving an overwhelming response for six months before the ban on Chinese apps. Little did they know their content will not only hook the Marathi-speaking league but also the non-Maharashtrians.

At present, Prasika is a brand that’s not just limited to one social media platform. You can find their presence on Facebook,Youtube,Instagram,Tiktok etc. It consists of a team of total six members from scriptwriter to accountant, everyone is a part of the couple’s success story.

Within a year, Prasad and Deepika Vedpathak gained humongous response for their hilarious and relatable content that goes viral soon upon its release. ‘Lunch With Prasika’ a food segment is surely the winner amongst the entire content generated. Their videos have a huge fanbase on YouTube and Instagram alike with videos often making it to the trending section.

The couple has a massive fanbase whom they call UIC Family and Panchusena. Prasika has around 10 different trademarks on their name including a clothing brand named ZIDD. Recently, Prasika has been associated with some well-known national & international brands. 

Married since 2015, the couple has grown bigger and better with each other’s support. Deepika who was working in Mantralaya left her job when their YouTube channel gained immense popularity back in 2016 and the rest is history. The couple has voluntarily decided to be a child free couple and instead have an aim of adopting the financial responsibility of 100 Orphan girls out of which they have already adopted 3 girls. These highschool buddies turned married couple is a beautiful example of life without love is a life wasted.

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