A shipping port generally offers a value proposition to its region since it confers economic and social benefits but is also prone to environmental constraints. Significant increases in port throughput, particularly in the containerized sector, have put pressure on developing new port infrastructures on existing facilities, and for entirely new developments when additional capacity cannot be developed on existing sites. Ports are capital-intensive infrastructures that are associated with a wide array of economic impacts. This is particularly apparent because port development and world trade are closely interrelated says Dirishala Naresh Chowdary Chairman of DNC Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, A renowned Indian Infrastructure company undertaking various Projects in engineering and infrastructure industry, Construction, Cement, Power, Irrigation.

In order to cater the ever growing traffic of India, especially in hiking the current cargo capacity from 1500 MMPTA to 3300+ MMPTA one must improve the ports operational efficiency, capacity expansion of existing ports and new port development. Keeping this in mind DNC Infra pioneers in the Indian infrastructure industry is stepping into Port construction & Management sector. ‘’There is a continuous need to develop India’s ports and trade related infrastructure to accelerate growth in the manufacturing industry and to assist the ‘Make in India’ initiative”, he added- DNC Infra is responsible for many landmark projects that have defined the country’s progress.

Ports can be considered “funnels” to economic development since they act as catalysts and incite development in specific economic sectors and locations near ports or along corridors. Ports are important job generators. Shipping, cargo, and industrial activities and services in port areas generate direct employment effects. The logistics and industrial clusters in ports employ a vast labor force linked to cargo ship loading and unloading operations, ship operations and services (agencies, pilotage, towage, and bunkering), land transport, logistics activities, cargo services (freight forwarding and customs broking), industrial production facilities and government agencies. Indeed this rapid diversification of companies like DNC Infra would reduce the unemployment rate of the country, he emphasized.

Apart from this DNC Infra is also in negotiation with neighbouring countries such as UAE & Oman on their port expansion and constructions too. We are on the verge of continuous diversification and expansions, indicated – MD of DNC Infra.