Finance is a topic a majority of young adults are not well versed in, yet it is very important to be aware of it. Especially in the current times, when the future is as uncertain as ever, and people all over the world are struggling to find a way to secure their future, there is a need for finance coaches who have experience and expertise in the field to guide them. Here, Certified Financial Educator (CFE) and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) Derrick Kinney shares his wisdom about how money can be a positive force and the impact that it can have.

As the CEO of a top-tier business venture ‘Good Money Framework LLC’ and host of popular podcast ‘Good Money Good Hands Good Work’, Kinney has years of experience with helping people around earning money and using it to give back to society. He is a firm believer that any negative connotations surrounding money can be replaced with positive ones that help the society that people live in. He adds, “Through conversations with the world’s leading business professionals, leaders and philanthropists, I have come to realize the power of generosity.” Kinney has also been named a ‘Best in State’ Financial Advisor by Forbes Magazine and holds multiple professional designations for his work in personal finance and counseling.

One of the greatest drawbacks of having a large amount of money is people’s inability to feel empowered through it. In Kinney’s experience, “Most people feel like they don’t control the money they own, and their beliefs stop them from taking unorthodox actions to do good with that money.” Especially when it comes to retirement, it can be tricky for many to understand. However, Kinney’s service model is grounded in a caring approach, and he has been able to scale his business based on the positive referrals which his satisfied clients provide.

Kinney’s mission is to ultimately provide people with robust financial advice so that they are able to improve their standard of living through understanding the ins and outs of personal finance in an easy-to-understand manner. Derrick Kinney stands out in the industry because his approach to manage money is based on the people sitting across the table from him. ‘Good Money Framework LLC’ provides customized solutions and actionable steps for people to achieve their personal life goals in an ethical and efficient manner.

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