Money is something that plays an integral role in everyone’s daily lives, yet according to entrepreneur Chris Naugle, those who understand how money really works are in the minority.

“It sounds bizarre, right!” Explained the “Risky Builders” star. “I mean, we live in a cash-obsessed society and we all long for financial freedom, but so few of us make it our business to study the rules of basic finance and how institutions such as banks make money.”

America’s number one money mentor added, “Think about it for a minute. All banks do is lend money that wasn’t theirs in the first place and charge interest on it. Banks learned a long time ago the art of exploiting the natural momentum of money for their advantage. I’m here to teach people you can become your own bank and reap all the rewards yourself.”

It’s a big ambition, but Naugle has always played to win. As someone who had an obsessive interest in the generation of wealth from a young age, he wasted no time in breaking out of the small town of Lockport to make both his fame and fortune in the wider world.

During the rollercoaster ride that was the last 20 years, Naugle has founded 16 companies, closed nearly 300 real estate deals, managed over $50 million, and hosted the HGTV series “Risky Builders” alongside his wife, Lorissa, in 2018. Yet he remains most renowned for his role as America’s go-to money mentor.

Naugle said, “Coming from a small town, that like many small towns, was riddled with poverty of ambition and opportunity, I had to stay motivated and push myself harder than most people if I was to lead the sort of life I wanted. My only fear was fear of failure and every time someone told me I couldn’t do something it just hardened my resolve and made me dig my heels in even deeper. I know what it is to struggle financially and to continually fight against the odds, I think that’s why so many people relate to me as a mentor because I learned all the lessons I teach the hard way.”

As someone who fiercely believes in helping as many people as possible to understand how money really works, Naugle’s lessons have proved revolutionary.

Naugle said, “What I teach is simple but at first it can be challenging to individuals whose perception of money has been conditioned from birth. Most of what you think you know about money is wrong and an illusion perpetrated by financial institutions for their profit. For example, we’re taught to relinquish control of our money in the form of saving money in bank savings accounts, employer sponsored retirement plans, IRA’s, etc, for our long-term financial health, but in reality, you’re taking an unnecessary risk and gambling that what you put in will one day be exceeded by what you take out. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case if you factor in things like taxation and the volatility of markets.”

Naugle added, “In such scenarios, banks take very little risk and have everything to gain, while you take a considerable risk and have so much to lose. I’m all about teaching people how to take back control and become their own banks. It’s the only way to secure financial freedom.”

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