I’ve owned several blenders over the years and each one had its pros and cons when it comes to features. My current all around favorite is a new kid on the block, Cocinaré’s GoPower Elite. What’s so special? Glad you asked. Since I’m such a blender nerd, let me start at the beginning.

My first step into nutritional drinks involved purchasing a juicer. This is a rather bulky machine that extracts juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. The downside, besides from consuming precious kitchen countertop space, is that juicing eliminates nearly all fiber. Since fiber lowers the glycemic index of our foods, juice has a tendency to spike blood sugar. Admittedly, juice can provide a burst of energy, but not the sustained nourishment and satisfying fullness I was looking for. Besides, chucking all that valuable fiber felt wasteful and cleaning up the machine and counter proved more effort than it was worth. That’s when I discovered blending.

Blending, by contrast, uses all the edible parts of fruits and veggies. By breaking up rigid cellulose but retaining a food’s fiber, this method makes nutrients more easily digestible. Blending increases the absorption of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients and gives me nearly unlimited options to add other superfoods like seeds, nuts and protein powder to the mix.

But with so many choices in the blender market, where do you begin? The engineering team at the wellness technology startup Cocinaré consulted with a Michelin chef, certified nutritionist, and fitness coach to design a sleek boss blender that’s exceeding all my expectations. It’s got an unbeatable blending system, delivering 1100 watts of power, plus best-in-class blending performance with 6 aircraft-grade titanium alloy blades. Cleanup is a breeze.

This champion is handling everything I can throw in it, serving up perfectly blended smoothies, nut butters, salsas, soups and sorbets. And no, I’m not a creative cook or chef. The GoPower includes a Smart App with over 500 outstanding recipes. I can literally pick up anything that looks fresh in the produce department and find a recipe that works.

Its lightweight portability is another big plus. In fact, I don’t leave town without it. The GoPower Elite accompanies me to hotels, cabin rentals, even the beach. In addition to the blending container, it comes with a 20 ounce leak proof smoothie sports bottle that’s perfect for runs or hitting the gym.

If you’re looking for a reliable well-designed blender that’s got the clout of a cyclone and loves to travel, the GoPower Elite just might be for you.

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