Amani Deshawn Johnson, better known as Packbrazy, was born in 2001 in Seattle, Washington. He comes from a humble family background. He and his younger brother, King Silk, were raised and nurtured by their mom—all alone. 

Packbrazy and his family have seen some rough patches during their lives. They had to spend many nights on the streets of Georgia, but no one came forward to help them. Packbrazy belongs to the Afro-American ethnic community and has a very generous attitude towards one and all. 

“When I look back, I smile. It was all a part of my destiny. I endured all that because I was destined to, but I left my past long behind me. Right now, I’m enjoying everything that life has to offer. I owe all my success to my family, the people around me, and of course, my inherent passion for music. Without music, I’m nothing. I’m delighted that music and rap lovers are now appreciating my work and I’m getting a lot of fan mail and likes on my social media profiles. I want to bring positive changes to the lives of people around me as much as I can,” Packbrazy exclaimed. 

Looking Back 

Packbrazy didn’t get anything on a silver platter; he worked really hard for everything. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to a single mother. He and his brother, King Silk, endured homelessness in their lives when they had to sleep in the basement during chilly wintry days. 

But Packbrazy knew the only way to change his fortune was to try his luck in doing something new and innovative. That’s what kept him motivated. He spent hours after hours tuning his tracks and composition skills. One day, luck smiled upon him and allowed him to join hands with local rap artists during his school days. And since then, Packbrazy has never looked back. 

It was a big break in his life. It not only gave him a platform to explore his creative potential but also learn the nitty-gritty of musical notes and lyrics. Packbrazy, his younger brother, and local Atlanta-based artists joined hands to create a record label, Real Mad Gorillaz Music. It helps young and upcoming music artists grow and shine in their professional careers. 

The Future Ahead 

Once he got the break, Packbrazy embraced all the challenges and bouquets that he received in his professional musical career. He has now become far more conscious of his tunes and tracks as the expectation of his fans have now grown much more these days. 

“Upon graduating from Norcross High School, I knew that music would be my saviour. But regular practice and constant innovation are equally important. In music, no music lovers want to listen to the tracks that are already there. As a new artist, it’s your responsibility to come up with original tracks—and something interesting. I love hip-hop and rap. But I also believe that being yourself is important. You shouldn’t rap anything and everything. Choose your theme carefully,” Packbrazy explained. 

In Conclusion 

Apart from music, Packbrazy is also passionate about making smart choices when it comes to investment. He now also invests in NFTs, the online clothing segment, and music labels for additional income. At the same time, Packbrazy never shies away from his social responsibility. 

He wants to bring qualitative changes to the lives of the people around him. He also takes part in charitable activities and also creates calming tracks for his fans and followers to soothe their minds. 

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