I created Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® in 2016, I was still in high school.

I never thought that what, initially, was created for fun shortly thereafter, would become my only work.

We created the Facebook page “Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®” (over 550,000 followers) in May 2016; about a month later we created our official Facebook group “Ora et Ignora” and then the official Instagram page which, to date, boasts more than 2,100,000 followers.

As the days went by, we noticed more and more that the adhesion of our audience was increasing. The more content we published, the more it became viral.

This has allowed us today to be one of the most followed and appreciated Italian communities on social networks.

What is Nasce, Cresce , Ignora® today?

Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® today is a company with a registered trademark, a communication agency and the usual community, which has always entertained on social networks.

Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® is now a Network of vertical Communities, each aimed at a specific audience.

For example: Nasce, Cresce, Respawna® is currently the largest and most followed Community in Italy in the GAMING field.

Nasce, Cresce, Streamma is a community on CINEMA & TV SERIES. And again: Nasce, Cresce , Calcia; a page aimed at all lovers of the world of FOOTBALL.

The latest project recently launched is our official website “www.nascecresceignora.it“. An exclusive space for all our fans who have grown fond of us over the years. Inside there are many articles that tell the world around us in a clear and impartial way.

How does one become a point of reference for hundreds of thousands of young and very young people?

I think you can become an example or a point of reference only if you deserve the trust of your audience. To gain trust, consensus and approval, you must behave in a fair, transparent and clear manner.

Since the first months of the creation of the Facebook and Instagram pages, we have established a transparent and sincere communication with our public, always and in any case.

This still allows us to have a special relationship with our followers; it allows us to always launch new projects, with the certainty that a large part of our public now knows us, knows how we work and trusts us. (Reason why he follows us in every activity launched).

All this is the result of years and years of correct behavior on social media, always maintained and on every platform. Fortunately, our audience is also aware of this.

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