Ramin Salehi Yeganeh (artistically named Ramyrad) He was born on July 6, 1993 in Tabriz and now lives in Tehran.

It can be said that all training related to the use of sound begins with breathing. The art of expression, narration, dubbing, singing, and any other art that deals with our voice requires that proper breathing leads to proper fueling.

Powerful, pleasant, and full of emotion is not a sound produced by long or very heavy breathing. Conversely, it is done with a short, concise breath, but from the right place.

Proper breathing protects the vocal cords from damage, even when you are making a very loud noise or talking or lecturing or singing for a long time.

Proper breathing for reading should be properly institutionalized in our respiratory system when reading or even speaking, with proper and continuous practice, so that we no longer need to think about it. Like driving where there is no need to think about taking the clutch and changing gears and it is done unconsciously.

The interesting thing is that at the beginning of our lives, when we were babies, we observed this very well. We were breathing quite well, so even though we had a small, delicate vocal organ, the volume of sound we produced was very high, and even though we sometimes screamed or cried for a long time, we had trouble getting choked. We could not hear the sound.

Strengthen muscles

From this we conclude that in order to properly fuel and use our vocal organs properly for reading, we must go back to childhood and find our natural and instinctive breathing. The form of respiration that over time and as we grow older due to stress and unhealthy lifestyle and lack of movement, followed by the loss of strength and natural energy of the muscles of the body and their depletion or shortening, the active body and The balance of a child gradually becomes a stressful and unbalanced body in adulthood, and the respiratory system changes. The first step in making a sound is learning to breathe properly.

The best way to breathe

One of the best ways to breathe properly is to read the diaphragm properly. Diaphragmatic breathing is performed using the diaphragm.

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