Success without Styles The concert karma theory of Harry Styles Elina Svitolina had tickets for a Harry Styles show in Vienna last Saturday, yet couldn’t go in light of the fact that she was destroying generalizations at Wimbledon. Harry Styles contacted her via Instagram, writing: You are welcome at any of our remaining four shows. After winning against Iga Swiatek, the Wednesday show in Barcelona has been postponed to three. Madrid will advance on July 14 if they reach the final. Win the thing and Lisbon (eighteenth) looks precarious as well, leaving just Reggio Emilia (22nd) available to all, in the event that rest and recovery permits. We are merely stating that there appears to be a negative correlation between tennis success and the likelihood of seeing Styles in person. In addition, Jessica Pegula went to a Styles concert in Paris during the French Open, but she lost in the quarterfinals and lost at Wimbledon on Tuesday at the same stage. May be critical – who can say for sure?

Blake praises Eubanks James Blake, the Mercury Music Prize winner but not the former world No. 4, was back in town on Tuesday to compete in the Wimbledon legends doubles event. He has been paired with Lleyton Hewitt, who once said that a line judge had sided with Blake because both men were black. Blake has since let that go. The old charmer Blake said, “He still practices and plays a lot, so I’ll be looking for him to take about 80% of the balls,” before praising Chris Eubanks, everyone’s favorite British middleweight near-namesake. As per Blake, if Huge Chris keeps on glimmering his grin around SW19 any more (he plays Daniil Medvedev in the quarters on Wednesday), he will have his name in lights when of the US Open. ” Blake stated, “He might be on the side of a bus, he might be up on billboards. I hope he enjoys being a superstar because that is what he is in the making.” Great stuff, but the bus will have to be double-decker if they want to fit everyone on.

The crowds are back at Wimbledon, baby, as confirmed by SW19’s numbers game. In week one of the Titles there was a total of 293,681 individuals through the doors, up almost 17,000 on 277,354 last year. That included the biggest opening Monday since 2015, with approximately 10,000 people stuck in a line who couldn’t get in. The totals showed that five fewer people made it on the second Monday than on the same day last year, which was somewhat disappointing. Naturally, this could be the result of a counting error or just five members of Novak Djokovic’s entourage who believed his match had ended the night before.

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