While devices aid in finding lost objects, they can also be employed for nefarious purposes, such as by a malicious person tracking your location.

For smartphones running Android 6.0 and higher, Google is now rolling out a new security feature that assists users in identifying harmful AirTags.

Apple produces miniature wireless AirTags that can be applied to a product to trace it in case of loss.

Apple and Google partnered to develop an industry specification to stop invasive tracking in May of this year.

While devices aid in finding missing objects, they can also be employed for evil intent, such as by a bad guy to follow your whereabouts.

Users will now receive a notification if their smartphone identifies a ‘unknown tracker’ that may have been implanted on them thanks to this new update.

Open the settings app on your smartphone, then tap “Safety and Emergency” on Android 12 or “Personal Safety” on Android 11 or earlier to enable it. The ‘Unknown tracker alerts’ option will now be available to you.

To activate the feature, simply tap on it and choose “Allow alerts.” You can search manually for trackers as well. You can compel a tracker to play a sound without notifying the owner if you happen to notice one or receive a notification that reads, “Tracker travelling with you.”

Additionally, a detailed journey history and a map with the location are available. As soon as you activate the function, a screenshot will be taken and you will be given instructions on how to remove the tracker’s battery to turn it off.

As of right now, the function only supports Apple’s AirTags, so a tracker from another company might still be able to locate you.

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