Sunday night’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-see conveyed a lot of strong in-ring activity however the closure of the widespread title headliner will be the enduring memory emerging from the occasion. Regardless of an energetic exertion from “The Demon” Finn Balor, a higher force appeared to mediate to permit Roman Reigns to effectively hold his title.

Balor conquered impedance from The Usos to start up for an emotional late rebound against the hero. Exactly when it appeared Balor might have the match – and the title – won, the top rope broke in an unusual trick that permitted Reigns to hit a lance to hold the title. The completion sucked the force from a generally hot compensation for each view highlighting a lot of good title matches from Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

CBS Sports will be with you the entire way through the occasion, giving updates and features in the live blog beneath.

2021 WWE Extreme Rules results, grades

Carmella versus Liv Morgan: Carmella got off to a hot beginning, roughhousing Morgan around the ring. Morgan kept attempting to retaliate however Carmella kept on keeping up with control until the match went outside the ring and figured out how to drive Carmella into the declare table. Subsequent to taking the match once again into the ring, Morgan hit the insensibility slingshot flatliner to score the pinfall and get a major success that should place her in line to be a future title challenger on SmackDown. This was the standard 10-ish minute match on the opening shot to get things moving and went decently without a hitch.

Styles almost secured a calf smasher on Xavier Woods seconds into the match yet couldn’t get the completion. A touch of junk talk from Styles carried Big E into the ring to momentarily exploit before Lashley started ruling the match. Kingston was cut off in the heel corner, falling flat to fight his direction through the stalwart team of Lashley and Omos. Kingston took a ton of offense while Lashley ensured he was unable to make the tag to Big E, taking out the men on the cover prior to catching Kingston in the corner once more before a hot tag to Xavier Woods, with Woods going on a concise run before a Lashley powerslam permitted him to take control by and by.

Woods was in the long run ready to make the hot tag to Big E, with the WWE champion taking out Omos and Lashley on the ring cover prior to zeroing in his assault on Styles. A fight broke out external the ring before Lashley endeavored a visually impaired tag to enter the match just to have Big E send a Lashley stick into AJ Styles prior to hitting a Big Ending on Lashley to score the success in an extremely fun six-man label match.

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