Heliya Khazaei, born on March 25, 1996 in Tehran, is a famous Iranian artist and actress.

Helia Khazaei is one of the most popular artists in the virtual world in the style and ideation of humor category, we had a telegraphic conversation with “Helia Khazaei” which we will read below. When did you notice the reception of the audience and did you expect it? From the fourth clip, which was very well received, there was a new and special character in that clip, who was the mother-in-law of the story, and it became very viral. How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating this page and why did you go for humorous subjects? One of my friends whom I met online said to me that you are interested and talented in acting, why don’t you make comedy!?  I said I don’t know!  He showed me a couple of videos and I came up with some ideas, I made some videos and saw that it worked well and I went ahead with it! What are the most comments and directs you have, and have you had an interesting comment that stayed in your mind? that you are indian  Or how do you make these ideas so real?  Why don’t you become an actor?  I have received these messages a lot, but the most interesting direct message was when someone said: One of your videos made me reconcile with my wife jokingly after a year!  I didn’t know what to say, but it was interesting to me! What do you do to make the world more beautiful? Just holding someone’s hand, forgiveness and kindness.  And the final word for the audience of our magazine? I want to say that whenever you are tired, whenever you are disappointed everywhere and you see that you can’t do anything in line with your goals, wait for a miracle right there, it has always been the same, so be the most persistent for what you want. Topics #actress #artist #Helia Khazaei #Iranian artist