On August 1, D’Cruz gave birth to her first child, who was given the name Koa Phoenix Dolan. Early this morning, the actor posted a sweet photo of his tiny feet on her Instagram account with the caption “Peekaboo” and a heart emoji.

The Rustom star posted the first photo of her newborn child on Instagram a few weeks ago. No words could adequately express the joy we are to welcome our precious child into the world, she added, “Hearts beyond full.” Ileana has not yet made her partner’s identify public or introduced him to anyone.

Ileana, however, released photos from her date night with the love of her life a few weeks ago.

She used Instagram stories to give her followers a peek at their cozy dinner date.
The man in the picture looked similar to the one in the hazy picture Ileana posted earlier this month. She had posted a blurry, monochromatic photo of herself with an enigmatic man along with a nice message about the joys of pregnancy.

“Having a baby is such a great blessing… I feel myself to be so extremely happy to be on this path since I never thought I’d be lucky enough to experience this. The beauty of feeling a life developing inside of you is beyond words. The most of the time, I’m just overwhelmed and thinking, “Wow, I get to meet you soon,” but other days are just incredibly challenging. Really trying.

They are overpowering, she continued. Totally consuming. And the situation seems hopeless. There are also tears. The guilt comes next. And the voice in my head discourages me. I ought to be grateful rather than grieving about something so unimportant. I should be more capable. How will I be a mother if I’m not strong enough? Furthermore, I have no idea what kind of mother I will be. Actually, I don’t. I only know that I adore this small person so much that I could burst. And I believe that’s enough for now.

“And this gorgeous man has been my support on the days I forget to be good to myself. When he senses that I am about to break, he has held me. and wipes away the tears. And tells absurd jokes to make me laugh. Or just gives me a hug if he understands that’s what I need right now. And nothing seems to be as difficult now,” she said.

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