The creators of BGMI, Krafton, and Alchemist Games have opened pre-registrations for Garuda Saga, a brand-new mobile game. The next game is an adventure game that is roguelike and puts you in a complex and varied universe where you can make decisions and shape your own fate. As a hero on a mission to help King Allu in escaping the depths of hell, you will assume the character of Garuda. There will be 19 fully immersive chapters in the Garuda Saga, each with up to 15 multi-wave levels.

With just a bow and arrow for weapons, you must defeat your rivals and awaken your hidden abilities. According to the developers, the game will appeal to both casual and die-hard players and will have an amazing visual design.

Playing this game will take you on an adventure where Garuda has to find the secrets of his history and reclaim his mentor’s empire.

Benefits For Those Who Sign Up Early:

A special reward will be given to those who pre-register, which will include an exclusive starter pack that will only be accessible to Indian users upon the game’s release.

The game will soon be playable, but players may pre-register to get it from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The creators are excited to present this to the Indian gaming community:

“Garuda Saga marks yet another milestone in KRAFTON’s commitment to delivering culturally resonant and immersive gaming experiences for the Indian gaming community,” stated Anuj Sahani, Head of the Krafton Incubator Program and Lead for Garuda Saga. In a unique and incredibly varied virtual environment, we hope players enjoy themselves while discovering and determining their own destiny.

“We are thrilled to bring Garuda Saga to the Indian gaming community, offering gamers a truly immersive and captivating experience,” stated Kipum Jun, CEO of Alchemist Games. Our goal in creating Garuda Saga was to take the standard roguelike genre and make it more engaging by adding a fascinating story, complexity, and visually appealing challenges. We eagerly await the players’ departure on this wonderful journey and their discovery of the magic that infuses each aspect of the Garuda Saga.

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