Success world championships among many people always make everyone happy and receiving prizes makes a person feel good, Especially if these awards are international and have many reflections.

Amir Cheraghian, a young Iranian who has been singing music for several years, this year was the first time he participated in the World Festival of Music, Literature, and Art, and in his first appearance, he won the award for the best musician. He had brought his glorious works to this festival and the judges were very interested in his works.

Amir Cheraghian is an emerging musician who is currently performing with attractive music in the pop genre. He has been able to attract many fans with his fascinating works and with different names such as “Setare Shab” and “Ba Man Beraghs”.

He participated in a big Crowingarts talent contest and was able to get a good ranking. The CrowningArts competition is one of the largest global talent competitions held every year, in which artists compete.

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