Yesterday at WWDC 2023, Apple delivered a number of significant announcements. Apple had its annual software event this year, and as was predicted, the corporation unveiled the upcoming versions of its software. Yesterday, the company revealed iOS 17, which will be made available for compatible iPhones in the autumn of this year.

Apple released a number of intriguing new features in iOS 17. Others are brand-new and intriguing, while some have already been seen on Android phones. One in particular stuck out. When the iPhone is placed on its side while charging, the iOS 17 Standby feature basically converts the device into a sort of smart display.

The fundamental concept seems to be very similar to Samsung phones’ Always On Display function, which they have had for many years at this point. This function wasn’t added to Apple’s iPhones until the release of the iPhone 14 Pro series last year. While Standby is available on devices without AoD, it offers the best performance on the top-tier iPhones from a year ago.

The business has been working extremely hard to change this impression over the past few years. Samsung’s reputation as a design powerhouse has been solidified by its accomplishments in hardware design, particularly in the foldable market. Fans like me can only hope that the firm did a better job of picking these easy targets in addition to succeeding with its moonshots.


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