Aryaan Arora is Collaborating with Singer-Songwriter Claytonisokay

Aryaan Arora is Collaborating with Singer-Songwriter Claytonisokay

Who is Aryaan Arora?

Aryaan Arora is an Indian American singer and actor who went viral with his Season Premiere episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do”, which got over 8.9 million views on YouTube. Following his on-screen debut, he signed with Prestige Management Group which is one of New York’s most prestigious and well known talent management companies. Paula Curcuru of Prestige is currently representing Aryaan in Film and TV.

According to a Forbes article, “The actor has now been seen going viral all-over again on social media with his musical renditions of popular Bollywood soundtracks. These videos have grossed millions of views transforming him into an internet sensation.”

In fact, we recently saw Aryaan’s cover of Indian Pop-Star Armaan Maliks English Debut “Control”. The video went viral on Instagram and a few days after the post, Armaan Malik himself tweeted about it.

Armaan Malik wrote on Twitter: “Always wanted young Indian musicians like me to pick up the guitar & do their own thing. Check out this cover of #Control by @_aryaanarora! You have a really nice vibe brother, keep it going”

Aryaan has posted many more covers since then which have amassed millions of views on social media.

Aryaan is currently working on his debut album and is collaborating with New York based artist Claytonisokay.

A Collaboration Worth Waiting For

Singer-songwriter claytonisokay aka Billy Miller has just put out an album about the overlooked stories in America, i.e. poverty, greed and love-lost. The album has already gotten 300k streams on Spotify and is gaining immense popularity. Not only that, but the proceeds from his album are being donated to the lyme disease association to spread awareness about the illness as his father has been suffering for almost a decade due to a misdiagnosis.

After seeing all of Aryaan’s work and Claytonisokay’s new album, we honestly can’t wait to see what these two singers will be bringing to the table with their collaboration.

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