Bigg Boss 16’s four-month adventure, which saw some significant fights, controversies, and non-stop drama, has finally come to a close with MC Stan hoisting the coveted trophy. The rapper returned home on foot with Rs. 31,80,000 and a brand-new vehicle.

MC Stan has come a long way, from missing home and feeling out of place in the house to revealing the 2.0 side and being driven to win the competition. He had a phase at the beginning where he felt that he didn’t want to stay in the house and didn’t find himself fit with the contestants but Salman Khan and Bigg Boss motivated him to play the game and sent him Buba’s t-shirt that made him stronger in the house.

MC Stan was the only contestant to stay honest all the way to the end. Stan made no changes to his appearance in preparation for the game. His capacity for loud and unambiguous expression has been his greatest gift. He isn’t afraid of anyone and isn’t afraid to confront his own buddies. Stan was loud about it and confronted Shiv and Sajid when he believed they were altering for the game. Shalin and he have had the most heated arguments in the home.

MC Stan also discusses his future goals and declares, “My fans will soon be able to hear the songs I plan to write on my Bigg Boss 16 house experience. Many people already prioritise hip hop. Whether it’s Badshah Bhai, Honey Bhai, or Divine Bhai, I’ll do my best to spread the word in a common man’s lingo and to as many people as I can. I’ll try my hardest. I never performed for that reason on the show.”

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