Creating an online cyber show around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive exhibits Bezlikiy’s passion for the game and his thirst to entertain viewers with this innovative show.

To climb the ladder of success is a process; some may understand it easily and earlier in life, while some others may take some time or even years to realize what they are supposed to do to go about it. Climbing the ladder of success has never been a walk in the park, but the ones who have done it have shown what others need to do for attaining their definition of success. Everyone has a unique journey of theirs in their respective fields, and these journeys help people understand where they stand and what they truly deserve. Bezlikiy, a well-known Instagram influencer and blogger, also took the chances to venture into his field of choice and create something so unique that it could give him accolades for a lifetime. This Russian guy has totally spellbound people with his creativity and instincts as an influencer and creator, who went ahead in making a reality show revolving around the popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Below, this young talent shares what really helped him create his unique niche as an influencer and creator.

  • Being in love with the work: Bezlikiy confesses that the constant rise in social media and digital space had encouraged him to turn into a sought-after influencer and blogger and his love for games turned him into a creator as well. His love for work has what helped him gain popularity and advise others too to fall in love with what they do.
  • Being committed: Bezlikiy points out that it was his commitment all throughout his journey, which helped him to stay on track to get nearer his goals each day. This commitment helped him to create the reality show and take a step forward as a creator and influencer, garnering much more fame in a very short span of time.
  • Being innovative: It was high time to offer people something that can they can long and crave for more later, says Bezlikiy. Hence, for the love of the game CS:GO, he created the innovative reality show and included participants as the ground team comprising of pro gamers, living in a live-in reality show, while playing the game and showing the viewers how it is to be done flawlessly.

To take the niche of online gaming to greater heights, Bezlikiy originated this novel and unique approach, giving a tough competition to other reality shows and changing the face of Esports space completely for the better. Gain more information about Bezlikiy through Instagram @bezlikiy.

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