Maruti Suzuki has released its annual sales statistic as well as its sales figure for December 2023. With total sales of 1,37,551 units last month-including domestic sales as well as exports of passenger cars (PVs), light commercial vehicles (LCVs), and supplies to other OEMs-the biggest automaker in India had a 1.28% decrease in sales.

Maruti Suzuki reports 6.45% YoY decline

In December, the Indo-Japanese automaker reported monthly sales of 104,778 passenger cars, resulting in a 6.45% YoY drop. In the same time frame previous year, Maruti reported 1,12,010 vehicles sold per month. In December 2023, the company also transported 1,714 Super Carry LCVs across the nation.

Maruti Suzuki sales in December 2023

With 110,667 units sold domestically overall last month, there was a 5.85% YoY decrease. 4,175 units were sent to other OEMs as part of this. For those who are unaware, Maruti produces rebranded Toyota vehicles like Rumion and Glanza. Maruti exported 26,884 vehicles in total to foreign markets, a 23% YoY increase.

Maruti sold 45,957 utility cars in December 2023, including the Brezza, Fronx, Ertiga, Grand Vitara, Jimny, and others. In the same time the previous year, this number was 33,008 units. Maruti currently holds the top spot among Indian UV manufacturers. 48,298 units were accounted for by the Mini and Compact sector overall last month.

Maruti’s yearly sales

Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Sales & Marketing-MSIL, told the media in response to the sales numbers that he “sees growth to be muted in 2024 on high base going forward this year, though volumes might be large.” He went on to say that the SUV market will continue to grow and that demand might level off around 54–55 percent.

Maruti introduced a new special edition of the Jimny last month, the Thunder Edition, which came with hefty discounts. Consumers believed that the corporation had dropped the price of the small off-road vehicle. The automaker has now released an official comment on Jimny’s pricing.

According to Srivastava, Jimny’s rates have not changed, and the Thunder Edition was a special promotion. He went on to say that all OEMs were offering larger discounts. The lower price helped Maruti in getting rid of its Jimny stock. Maruti claims that 4,500 of the luxury SUV have been sold. Srivastava continued by stating that going forward, low discounts will replace high discounts.

Maruti Suzuki sold 1,707,668 passenger vehicles in the domestic market overall in CY2023 (Figure 2). On the other hand, over the period of 2023, 269,046 units were transported to foreign markets. The automaker produced 54,493 vehicles for various OEMs during this time. The total domestic sales figure for the current fiscal year is 1,280,090 units, up 8.54% from 1,179,292 units recorded during the same period in the previous fiscal year.

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