How HHRD Helped in Covid-19 Pandemic

How HHRD Helped in Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s been more than a year and the pandemic has returned with the second wave, deadlier than the last one. While helping other countries, India slowly became a hotspot and after some time, the country peaked with the highest Covid-19 cases. India faced a tremendous number of cases that were nothing like last year. The active cases were increasing at a fast pace along with the death rates.

Before India could save itself from the wrath of Covid-19, the raw materials for vaccines were almost finished. Soon enough, oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators were in high demand as the mutated Covid-19 virus began severely impacting the lungs of the infected people.


The surge in Covid cases was observed in March 2020, when the deaths spiked up due to Covid, India was in a state of crisis as the federation did not anticipate the situation; the whole healthcare system collapsed and people were suffering everywhere.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD)’s Covid-19 Relief Response assisted around 2.35 million people across the globe with PPE kits, food, and hygiene products, especially for the frontline workers who were risking their lives to save other people. HHRD collaborated with a civic partner to win the war against Covid 19. They have aided many people in this time of crisis.

HHRD’s Work:

Taking into account the exigency, HHRD joined hands with multiple NGOs and credible organizations. They were of the opinion that when the organizations will unite together to fight the disease, they can aid many more people rather than working separately.

To ensure efficiency in assistance HHRD worked to provide orphan supports, skill development and disaster responses. But still, the situation in India is catastrophic as many people are dying every day due to lack of oxygen and medication and many people are starving due to the financial meltdown facing by the country.

HHRD has given its best to assist and aid as many people as possible with food and hygiene products.


The whole world is facing the turmoil caused by Covid. Every country faced a downturn and recession due to the unforeseeable situation caused by the pandemic. This is the time when a citizen needs to give their best to save their country.

It’s not just for the frontliners to fulfill their duty but the whole country should unite. This is the opinion of HHRD who became helping hands for the helpless and collaborated with other organizations and aided people with food and supplies.

Considering the humongous population of India, the virus spread at a swift pace, wiping hundreds of lives, many people were in dire need of help and HHRD and ancillary organizations did their best to provide all the requirements and help everyone as much as possible.

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