Stephanie Caballero-Martin Gives Actionable Tips On How To Shuffle Business And Motherhood

Many women try to keep up with the responsibilities of being a mother and balancing the working aspects of their lives. This comes with zeal and dedication on their part because it is a daunting task. But, often, these responsibilities tend to overwhelm them, and it results in adverse health effects.

Over the years, Stephanie Caballero-Martin, a mother and an entrepreneur, has efficiently carried out these duties and achieved excellent results. This leads to a win-win situation for her. The mompreneur has been helping women scale through the discomforts that limit their effectiveness with her brand, Tranquil Store. 

The online-centered health store provides products that help ease the symptoms, such as pains, cramps, backaches, headaches, and so on, that accompany the menstrual cycle. 

Generally, the budding entrepreneur uses specific methods to shuffle between being a businesswoman and a family mother. Here are some of the effective techniques to take note of:

  • Being Passionate About Your Goals: No matter how big or small your goals are, the driving force must be your passion for them. As an entrepreneur, you must be dedicated to the objectives and purpose of your business. 

Every time, I would advise people to just go for their goals, as long as they are dedicated to the cause. Before, I used to be nervous at the thought of owning a business. I believed the market was too saturated and the thought of stepping out of the norm was unreachable for me. It is better to try and fail than never to try it at all,” Stephanie says.

  • Identify the Reasons for Starting: When you know the reasons for venturing into a business in the first place, it will serve as a guide and a blueprint in directing your business actions. According to Stephanie, the reason for venturing into any business will serve as the reason for its survival. She stated:

I started doing more research and discovered some results that were essential for the startup of my brand. This was part of the blueprint when we decided to start the Tranquil store. First, I wanted to ensure that women were accounted for and taken care of”.

  • Plan Your Schedule properly: As a mompreneur, you must plan your schedule and prioritize appropriately because it helps in time management and in avoiding stress or burnouts. 

When it comes to balancing being a wife, a mom, and an entrepreneur, I plan my timeline properly to avoid being overwhelmed. I adopt the technique of relaxing, renewing my plans, and restoring. Also, I know how to put away my laptop and work devices when I want to spend quality time with my family,” Mrs. Caballero-Martin says.

  • Have plans for Expansion: You must know the right time to expand your business ventures so that you will plan in accordance with it. As a business owner, this will give you the right idea of when to act, prevent you from making costly mistakes, and become overwhelmed with responsibilities.