Cleveland Rapper and YouTuber Cody Cuevas just released another single called Smokeon his family channel Aye Squad, and it’s on Apple and Spotify. He’s been working on an EP to release to his fans but wanted to give a sneak peak of what’s to come. Ohio native Cody Cuevas has been making music since he was a kid and has looked up to many artists like 50 cent, Eminem, Tech N9ne, J.Cole and many others. . He was born on January 23, 1995 and is an Aquarius like his favorite artist of all time J. Cole.

Music was his first love and he realized that he had a true talent for it. From writing poems and lyrics at the early age of 9 to recording music in his room and rapping with friends, his love for music continued to grow. At the age of 16 Cody started to take it extremely serious. He bought his own microphone and computer to record songs in his bedroom and would watch interviews of other artists and engineers to help perfect his craft.

Barely graduating high school, he moved down south to Florida where he would later attend a music program to help learn audio engineering. Unfortunately the program he took wasn’t what he hoped for and further down the road found the software Pro Tools, which was used in the program to teach, was not the software he would be able to adapt to. A couple years later he started using logic pro x and says if he could go back in time he would have tried to figure that out a lot sooner because his knowledge of being able to engineer sound would be a whole lot better.

Florida was home for a few years, and after opening up for artists like Bryson Tiller, Fabolous, and Ace Hood, he became home sick and felt it was time to go back home to Ohio. He moved in with a friend he grew up with, built a studio in his room and continued to work on music while he worked in a nearby restaurant. After a year of being home Cody decided to pursue something he wanted to do before he left Florida and that wasYouTube. When he started vlogging he also started talking to his now Fiancée and mother of his two children Kathryn Masterson. Their relationship would be the new chapter in both of their lives that ended up changing everything for the better. They ended up having two children in a little less than 3 years and in that time changed the YouTube channel to a family channel that is now called Aye Squad and has thousands of subscribers.

If you want to catch up on the rest of their journey you can check them out below where I will leave all their social media accounts and links. Thanks for reading.

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