Daniel Oche Onoja’s desire and dedication to the network marketing industry have made him leave an indelible mark on the industry.

The field of forex and cryptocurrency has produced some of the highly celebrated network marketing entrepreneurs and digital experts.

Looking at the stupendous growth of the industry, youngsters around the world have been intrigued by the functioning of the network marketing business. The generation next has always looked out of the box ideas and preferred to walk on the road less traveled.

One such young network marketing expert who showcased his exemplary knowledge, and made an indelible mark on the industry, is a young African, Daniel Oche Onoja.

Being fascinated by the numbers game right from his childhood, Daniel was influenced by the digital industry. He hails from Nigeria and was born in the year 1989. His friend and classmate introduced him to the lesser-known world of forex trading. At just 16 years old, Daniel began his research about the industry and further fell in love with the world of the internet and technology. Amid this, he came in contact with network marketing, which further motivated him to strive to work in this industry, professionally.

Daniel enrolled in Wimax Institute of Computer Technology to learn about the internet and computer technology. He explored various areas, including hardware repairs, software installation, and maintenance, software vendoring, web application, etc. Daniel’s determination to learn and explore things in the financial technology world made him rise in the network marketing space. He came up with nuanced and innovative marketing strategies for digital finance products.

His passion led him to join the GLE team and got terrific insights about the industry from his mentor Paulo Tuynman. Daniel’s mentor recommended him to join the giant financial technology company – Omegapro, which provides cryptocurrency and forex trading services to people across the 100 nations.

Daniel became the first African to attain the Diamond rank in the company. He is a generation-next network marketing expert and provides astute advice and innate tips to young aspirants. He also leads the team of over 20,000 happy members across the globe.

It is Daniel Oche Onoja’s unaverred passion and dedication to make the most out of the network marketing business that has made him a globally recognized leader in the industry.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at http://danielonoja.com

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