Diamonds may have always had the title of being ‘’a girl’s best friend’’, but it has become
impossible to ignore the mouth opening price tag that comes with it as well as the sombre
ethics of it all. Many people have chosen to turn back to minimalist, simple yet eye-catching
affordable jewelry that is meant for everyday use and that you can bulk buy in a 3 am
shopping spree without the fear of losing your rent money.
You might be wondering where this affordable and ethical shop is? Well, look no further
because Freyatreasures is what you are looking for. A conscious brand with fair prices, an
inspiring message and cute, everyday pieces that will have everyone asking you for the link
to purchase. Freyatreasures in a nutshell is all that but also so much more.
Shopping ethically is hard these days, there is no catalogue that enlists all the brands that
take action, however, we can vouch for Freyatreasures. In under 3 years, they have already
proven to be extremely involved in various social issues and refuse to shy away from voicing
their support for causes like BLM, LGBTQ+ rights, xenophobia, bullying… and have also
donated to all these movements. Conjointly, they picked out a specific cause to get behind
and fund on the long term in light of reaching 50 000 customers. This breakthrough finally
allowed them to give more back and they chose domestic violence survivors. An unusual
pick as it is a cause we don’t hear about often, the reason behind it is to ‘’Unleash their inner
‘’Unleash your inner goddess’’ is the brand’s slogan, a phrase that simply means regain your
confidence and the help that Freyatreasures provides to survivors of abuse allows them to
regain their confidence and trust, appreciate and love themselves by providing them a safe
envorinment to grow, learn and live freely.
As heartfelt and encouraging as these initiatives are, purchasing products based on a
brand’s integrity is not necessarily a good idea. However, Freyatreasures provides the best
of both worlds. Just by a quick scroll through their website, you experience first-hand the
number of trendy yet diverse designs they offer by trying to incorporate mainstream styles in
a unique approach. One of our favorites for sure is the Zodiac collection that is unlike any
design out there and very true to the Greek vibe of the shop.
The customer experience is very pleasant, they have a full customer service team that can
guide you if you reach out on Instagram or email and even to address concerns. Although,
we don’t see how there would be one as the quality of these treasures is outstanding. The
304 stainless steel material is resistant to water and alcohol, hypoallergenic and overall
creates a stunning piece of jewelry that definitely looks more expensive than it actually is. So
why choose expensive when you can have it low-cost and still look like a million bucks!