Becoming an entrepreneur is no joke, especially when you have to work through all the given challenges and risks around the business world. That said, how about launching a firm at a young age of just 22 years. Yes, we are not kidding and a native from Florida, Derik Fay did exactly that 20 years back.

While launching 3F Management LLC in 2002 at a young age of 22 years old, he further developed, built, and managed that business that generates millions in monthly profits, by dealing in business partnerships, growth capital, exit-focused scaling, infrastructure, and management. Here, we take a sneak peek into his success journey over the years.

Getting to know Mr. Derik Fay

Over the past 20 years Derik Fay built an empire with 3F Management, and amassed formidable wealth. With 3F management, Fay has employed over 25,000 people and generates more than a billion dollars in revenue annually.

Additionally, over the last decade alone, Fay has built and sold over 25 multimillion dollar businesses.

Given his unprecedented efforts as an entrepreneur, Mr. Derik Fay received the title of “Businessman of the Year,” according to the 2012 Forbes 40 Under 40 Magazine.

Derik Fay is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, venture capitalist, and mentor to many young entrepreneurs.

Going by his core principles– Give where you earn !

Since 2012, Fay has been a part of numerous philanthropic initiatives and campaigns. Over the past year, there has been an increase of over 100 nonprofit organizations in his portfolio. Within these initiatives, Mr. Derik Fay partakes in a variety of activities, including programming, advocacy, and fundraising.

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