Successfully building a personal brand can help you become a name to remember. Founder and CEO of The Fundora Group, Vance Fundora is an entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer who believes that networking, connecting and collaborating is how to succeed in the digital age. Here, he lists expert tips for building your personal brand.

  1. Define yourself

Vance Fundora shares that you can’t market your personal brand until you fully understand what it is you stand for and most importantly how you want to be perceived.

  1. Know your audience

Once you know what you want to say, Vance Fundora explains that you need to know who you want to say it to and how to deliver that message. Always think with your audience and end goal in mind as you build and develop your personal brand.

  1. Network with experts

Vance Fundora believes that you can learn the most from those who have gone before you. Learn through the experience of others. He says that reaching out to leaders in your industry is the quickest way to gather invaluable advice.

  1. Measuring success

There are various types of success. There’s financial, spiritual, physical and career success among others. What success means changes over time and as we grow as individuals. Vance Fundora shares you need to identify how you measure success then build your brand on those values and ideals.

  1. Set goals

Vance Fundora warns against comparing your developing brand to those around you and says that every goal you set should be grounded in personal development and what you hope to achieve within your chosen industry that’s realistically attainable.

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