Ira Khan has distributed a “May dump” of her photos to her family, friends, and even her fiancée Nupur Shikhare, who gets along well with her cousins and friends.

Ira Khan, the daughter of Aamir Khan, shared a tonne of photos from her great time in May. These include images of herself in casual clothing, some of her fiancée Nupur Shikhare, her other acquaintances, cousins, a photo with her stepmother Kiran Rao, and an image of the actor Fatima Sana Shaikh sporting a large wig and a thick white hair strand.

Ira posted the images to Instagram with the caption, “May dump. Less heat, please. more mangoes, please. Most of the pictures show Ira, Nupur and their other friends playing an indoor game. She and Nupur are seen in separate images as well. One of the pictures show Sana in a black shirt and shorts and wearing a huge wig. A picture also shows Aamir Khan’s second ex-wife Kiran planting a kiss on Ira’s cheek as the latter smiles for the camera.

She had said on Instagram, sharing a video from her engagement, “This moment. I’ve been told numerous times by different people that I throw great parties. They give me a little too much credit, in my opinion. The guest list is the primary distinction between my events and those of other individuals. What makes our life joyful, enjoyable, eccentric, and extraordinarily wholesome are the people in them. We appreciate you being there and allowing us to publicly declare our love for one another. Because we had only wanted to accomplish it. I’m sending you everyone plenty of happiness and gratitude. most to @nupur_shikhare, but that warrants a separate article. Obviously. P.S. I can only tag 20 people on Instagram.

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