Music has transformed into a piece of everyone’s life in the current day and age. All through the long haul, the music business in India has seen a consistent turn of events, and this has happened as a result of the ascent of music marks in the business. Walking around in a comparable way, famous producer Jagbir Dahiya has revealed his new interest in the fields of redirection, Asian Records. Broadly known as the creator of a couple of Doordarshan series, Jagbir Dahiya, requirements to make something different with Asian Records, beside Music.

With the statement of uncovering Asian Records as his new music name experience, Jagbir Dahiya similarly communicated that the name will be separate as the stage for emerging and unconditional gifts, including experts, entertainers, lyricists, and others who are trying hard to succeed and find a phase where they can display their capacities.

While Asian Records will cherish Indian Music through the latest melodic tunes, its purpose in making a phase for growing and justifying gifts to those who don’t get a sufficient number of chances isn’t seen a ton in the business.

Jagbir Dahiya, who has made films like ‘The Journey of Karma,’ which highlighted Poonam Pandey and Shakti Kapoor in lead roles, was also the creator of Sukhwinder Singh, highlighting ‘Kuch Kariye.’ With the consistent surge of capacities and development, the producer will change the Indian music industry with Asian Records sooner rather than later. Beside Asian Records, the producer means to spread out a film studio in Bahadurgarh, Haryana, as things will make strides.


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