“There is nothing like a well tailored man in a well tailored suit”
And we talk of well tailored suits,our minds automatically reaches out to one of the finest in this profession, Roderick Harvey.

Having been in this business for over 13 years, Roderick Harvey is the man of the hour.

He has become a brand under ‘Suitguyharvey’and Is literally ruling hearts and this profession.

His creations speak volumes. His suits are unique, classy and fits perfectly.

Roderick Harvey enjoys his work and thus his creations reflect his authenticity and creativity.

He has really made a name for himself and has catered to celebrity requirements like Snoop Dogg, Rapper Lil Baby,Drake,DJ Khaled and to many more in the industry.

Afterall,suits stitched to perfection have a different kind of aura and Roderick Harvey brings out the best in whosoever he styles.

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