One of the strongest competitors on the competition, Shiv Thakare’s game is adored by viewers. TellyChakkar contacted Shiv’s mother, who visited him inside the Bigg Boss house, and asked her if he needed to alter his strategy and which contestant he should avoid.

MUMBAI: Shiv Thakare won Bigg Boss Season 2 (Marathi), and the viewers praised him for his game style.

He is regarded as one of the top players on the show and the audience enjoyed his performance. Both within and outside the house, his altercation with Archana and Priyanka has been the talk of the town.

This week on Bigg Boss is being devoted to the contestants’ families, during which time members of those families will visit the house and interact with the contestants.

Since he gets along with everyone and doesn’t have anything bad to say about any of the other housemates, he is liked by all of them and their relationship is sincere. Even though he is closest to Abdu and MC Stan, there is a relationship between them.

Shiv is without a doubt playing the game very well and is considered to be one of the show’s possible victors.

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