What the world knows about financial literacy and freedom is not what actually has the potential to make them wealthy. Everyone in their right mind wants to taste what success feels like, but not everyone has the right knowledge to formulate a solid action plan, and then they also lack the courage to take those steps. 

IM HAVIN BANDZ through his brand, Havin Motion 4L Empire is enabling his students and clients to be wealthier, and successful. Showing them the pathway to prosperity through personal credit and how it can help individuals accomplish their wealth goals is the cornerstone of most of his works that he has created from his life’s own experiences. 

One of the biggest challenges he faced was when the realization hit that a motion will continue in the same motion unless interrupted by an outside force or object. He overcame that by receiving a conscious interruption from what the Gods had planned for his successful life. The learnings gathered on the way are a part of the ancient wealth wisdom that he is now sharing with the world to help others achieve abundance. 

The most powerful tool to create a worthy and wealthy life is our own mind. According to him, having an insatiably curious mind was what made him find the keys to business success. Teaching those very aspects through his brand, he now has devised what he calls an entrepreneur’s cheat code to a more profitable business. By pursuing his dream of making others’ wealth dreams come true, he is building his empire and can certainly help you build yours.

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