Big Bus Dream’s new album release is out and roaring through the internet. The Indie Alternative Rock artist introduced it to the audience via his song “Hear Me Roar” where wisdom, passion and experience blend perfectly into a message for a better future. An old-fashion protest song with the potential to change hearts and the perfect song to invite listeners to check on his album!

Big Bus Dreams cover for Hear Me Roar”

October 28th was the date chosen for the Album release, now fully available on all streaming platforms, created entirely by Mike Shannon AKA. Big Bus Dream and 4th Ward Records.

The artist has been known online for his great 2021 release “Giant In My Mind”, which was hailed by critics: “So many stand-out lyrics crop up throughout the project, and thanks to beautiful melodies and natural, peaceful arrangements, these connect on a profound level.” – Stereo Stickman

“This may be Big Bus Dream’s best work by a mile” Jamsphere Music Magazine

The Indie Alternative Rock Artist has always offered a unique approach when delivering music, seeing a new side of him brings his catalogue to a new dimension. His love for music started quite early, he began playing CBGBs from 1980 to 1986, quit for twelve years and on his way back to music, he encountered a completely different Music Business, says the artist.

He has recorded with big names such as Jamie Hoover (The Spongetones), Hootie and the Blowfish and The Smithereens.

His Band 4thward found success in 2000 with their self-titled release which debuted at 20# on the National CMJ Top 200 charts. Celebrity Cafe awarded the release as “Album of the Day” and after their big success, the group spent four years playing the circuit opening for artists such as Angie Aparo, Black Crowes, and Bob Dylan before regrouping as Big Bus Dream.

Several tracks found their way onto MTV, Pimp My Ride, Breaking Amish, as well as the film, MY life as Abraham Lincoln and TV documentaries (WBTV). The Jesters of Xmas Town (2008)

On top of that, some songs debuted at the top of many European Music Charts.

Now, knowing his place in the industry and pushing his way forward as an independent Alternative Rock Artist, he changed his focus toward making music that moves beyond becoming famous or making money.

There is an elegant touch in the way he sings and uses his voice along the single, the raspiness and the way he expresses unfairness with sentences like “Do you think your selfish little world is all we’re living for”.

The contrast between the instrumental (which is beautifully composed) and the message, the breaking of each tempo, the changes between verses and the feeling of listening to a story, resonates with the listener and offers a new approach few artists are offering these days.

A lyric video was previously released, offering a glimpse of his truth through honest lyrics.

A few key phrases really put weight on this song “Country Built on the Back of Slaves” was like a slap toward each person forgetting where they come from as well as simply “Good Luck getting that undone”, a powerful statement on mid-song.

This song aims to protest and to speak his mind, to use current events as inspiration and not cower behind shallow lyrics to express his thoughts through current events.

His entire catalogue exhales passion and talent, while his website offers an in-depth amount of content.

Will you stand with him and show some support?

Will they Hear You Roar”?

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