Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah has apologised after receiving backlash on social media for his remarks about the Sindhi language, which he made in an interview and which he said was no longer used in Pakistan.

Naseeruddin Shah acknowledged his ignorance and apologised to Pakistan’s “entire Sindhi-speaking population” in a Facebook post that was published on June 10.

“Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m sorry if my wrong opinion caused the entire Sindhi-speaking community in Pakistan to be severely upset. I acknowledge my ignorance, but is it really necessary to punish me for it? As Jesus said, “Let him who is free from…”, the message read.

“Apologising for a mistake truly demonstrates a person’s moral fibre and intelligence. My admiration for Naseer [Naseeruddin Shah] sahib has grown as a result of his most recent action. To own one’s mistakes and accept responsibility for them requires strength and humility, according to Adnan Siddiqui.


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