Tesla loses its Vice President of HR and Diversity

Tesla loses its Vice President of HR and Diversity

Tesla has lost another top official today as Felicia May, Vice President of HR and Diversity and Inclusion at Tesla, left the automaker.

May has been a part of Tesla’s top HR official group for better part of the most recent two years.

She was working for greater diversity in Tesla’s staff. She said in an interview earlier this year:

“I wish I could take credit for us bucking the trend. My team was very instrumental in executing on our developed strategy to ensure that Tesla integrates diversity into the business at all levels. Any decision made was based on the business at hand and the experience that was required to further drive innovation. The representation of females on the board and leadership shows our focus and commitment to integrating diversity into the business overall.”

Today, CNBC detailed that May left Tesla.

A Tesla representative remarked:

“We’ll miss Felicia and would like to thank her for her hard work over the last two years and wish her all the best in the future. We have a talented HR team in place that will continue to report into our VP of People & Places and will remain focused on advancing our mission and making Tesla a great place to work.”

The VP of People and Places is Kevin Kassekert, who was advanced by Elon Musk a year ago.

Amidst some unsteadiness not long ago, Tesla lost a lot of more officials.

The first half of the year has been hard for Tesla with regards to official departures.

Tesla naysayers will attempt to frame this as “rats escaping a sinking ship”, however it could likewise just be because of the competitive nature of the job market in the Bay Area.

May has an impressive resumé and she was most likely in intense demand and figured out how to secure another gig.

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