If you really think about it, life is a compilation of seasons, not very far off from the ones we experience every month. The only difference? These seasons are not bound by time, space, or geography. They are manifested by circumstance and are dynamic. Sometimes you find yourself frolicking on Spring’s grass anew; other times, you seek shelter from the gloomy shower of monsoon. Sometimes Winter stays longer than you thought. Sometimes, things wither right before your eyes – Autumn has its ways.

The seasons are distinct but share one thing in common.

From the citrus scent of summer to the freshly cut grass,

Like everything in this universe, even the seasons, too, shall pass.

If you’ve caught yourself in a loop in your life, are unable to find the light at the end of the tunnel, or struggling to seek a resolution or closure to the hardship you are facing, I hope this message finds you well.

Among affirmations and manifestations that you can inculcate in your life, only one will guide you to the light you seek.

Every moment that makes you feel finite shall eventually pass.

Life is Fleeting

If you could live forever, would you?

Let’s try that again – do you want to see the world pass by in front of your eyes, over and over again, while you watch as a bystander? Do you want to live such a life?

The law of the universe is that of equal exchange. Everything is balanced as it should be.

Where rarity is a curse, it is given value.

Believe it or not, the key to unlocking happiness and success is knowing your days are limited.

You are gonna die soon.

You might be wondering – hey, that’s not a very nice way to show someone the light. It’s the kind of thing you won’t find anywhere, especially on the front cover of a motivational book. What if we told you everything you’ve read so far was inspired and powered by the wise writings of author and successful salesman, Josh Driver?

You Are Gonna Die soon is not just a book but a mindset.

Once you limit your life and start counting the breaths you have left, you will strive to live them to the fullest.

The book turns a morbid reality into an illuminating message of hope. One that is not fleeting yet immortalizes you in the legacy you wish to create for yourself, a life of fulfillment just a thought away.

Taking Risks

Once you acknowledge that everything in life comes and goes, you will take the risks you were afraid of taking. You won’t procrastinate and take life one moment at a time. Feelings of despair and anxiety won’t be as scary anymore. Since the thoughts you ponder over so much will be nothing more than passing clouds. Sometimes they will be white and fluffy; sometimes, they’ll make everything grey. Sometimes they’ll pepper the sky, and sometimes they’ll persist for days. But there is one law in this universe that will always remain constant.

That they will eventually pass.

Josh adds in his book that the best perspective on life is accepting that everything happens for a reason. We should set our expectations according to the season we live in to avoid getting let down. The situations we may find out of our control are well within our grasp. If we’re too busy thinking about the seasons that passed, we’ll fail to live the ones we’re living.

It Will All be Gone in a Murmur

The next time you let intrusive thoughts get the better of you, zoom out and look at yourself from a distance. Move further back, that’s right, a little more. There you are, among a swarm of millions passing by – people living in a world that will soon be reduced to nothing but ash. Where “The Big Bang” marked the universe’s inception, if not today, maybe the next, or perhaps eons from now, every diamond in the sky will falter into oblivion. It won’t be an extravagant display of lights or an explosion.

Life as we know it will be gone.

So, remind yourself that this will pass, no matter the situation.

It’s high time you take control of your life and work towards happiness instead of worrying about the seasons yet to come. Some things may be beyond your control, but no ordeal is permanent. So why worry?

You’re Gonna Die Soon is a fascinating book brimming with insights and thought processes that have the potential to change your life forever. Comprehensively written by best-selling author Josh Driver, your key to happiness may just be a turn of this book’s page away.

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