Eric Stephen an Indian R&B Singer from Kolkata, India finally getting the recognition he deserves.

A song with more than 100,000+ views Md Faizaan (aka Eric Stephen) has never imagined his song Hoja Meri will be played on whole Kolkata City. At the age of 24 an Independent R&B artist who writes produce and compose his own song. Who has 20000+ streaming on SoundCloud got featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.

This aspiring artist has had many successes in the music industry. With songs like “Hoja Meri” and “Kho Gaya Hu’, Eric Stephen has captivated thousands of fans.

When talking about his journey, Eric Stephen says, “When I was in 6th grade, I performed in my school that was the very first time I sang any song in my life. The response that I got from everyone was my life changing moment at that time I knew I was born to perform. Yes, I have struggled a lot I gave 5 years to this music industry learning stuff how to write how to compose how to interact with everyone with my song, I got rejected and yet I tried again now I’m 24 years old I’m still learning things. But “Hoja Meri” was a song which opened a lot of opportunity doors for me it gave me a chance to show everyone who am I and what I do. I hope to see in future that my music not only plays in Kolkata but in whole country.

Meanwhile he’s still making some good music his latest release in “Kho Gaya Hu” which is available on YouTube and all music streaming platform.

Hoja Meri (Official Music Video) Available on YouTube.


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