People often say a person can be successful if one opts for more than one career option. But in today’s world, anything is possible if one is determined to do so. Rumour is one of those people who proved to the world that if one is passionate about their work, they can simply achieve success. Rumour is a rising musician as well as a very successful office worker.

Born on 16th November 1993 in Brandywine, Maryland, Rumour is a man full of enthusiasm. He graduated with a bachelor of science degree and currently is have a career in Washington DC where he is working for a union called AFSCME in their political action department. Other than working he is also an active artist when it comes to music. Growing up he never thought he would become a musician. According to Rumour, he fell in love with music when he watched the movie “School of Rock”. He started taking guitar, piano and drum lessons and eventually started singing along with his instrument. Years later he is one of the successful musicians in the music industry.

Rumour’s music is not only meaningful but quite addictive once heard. When he released his debut track it become an instant hit. Over time his viral hit has gained quite a reputation for him in the music world. Rumour believes without his manager and mentor, Aliem Jumpp, he would not able to gain the success he has attained in the music industry as he was the one who taught Rumour everything that he knows when it comes to the music business.

Working in the music industry made Rumour realize that the ups and downs can be really mentally draining. “There are 10 failures behind each success” Rumour Adds. In his career, he has faced several setbacks but it did not demotivate him instead he fought hard and became the successful artist he is today. There is quite a notable achievement when it comes to his career as a musician like getting stay away on the radio and featuring on 4 billboard stations across the country. He looks forward to working with different artists and create more music and touch their hearts with his soulful music. Thus, through hard work, courage and determination, Rumour was able to establish himself as one of the finest artists in this industry.

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