Motorola has stated that it will soon introduce a new smartphone to the Indian market. The smartphone manufacturer, Lenovo, has started to tease some of the following specs a few days before the device launches in the nation.

Motorola: Prospects Motorola mobile phone

In tweets on X (formerly Twitter), Motorola revealed that its upcoming smartphone will be powered by a Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 CPU. Since this mobile processor is frequently found in mid-range phones, it is possible that a future Motorola phone will fall into this category.

The phone that Motorola hasn’t yet revealed

Additionally, the company released a picture of a rectangular object with a quick charging animation, suggesting that Motorola’s upcoming phone may support quick wired or wireless charging. A smartphone camera lens appears to be the third element in the teaser. It’s unclear, though, to whose camera the company is alluding.

The screen of the gadget has rounded corners on the left and right sides. A quick glimpse of the back panel is also provided, displaying the Motorola “batwing” emblem in a small indentation on the phone’s back.

The teaser employs the exact same terms (intelligence and art) as the teasers released on X, despite the fact that the company has not disclosed any details regarding the smartphone or smartphones that will be shown during the event.

They can assume that Motorola plans to introduce the Moto Edge 50 series in India soon as its next launch event approaches.


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