The much awaited horror-comedy Munjya, starring Sharvari Wagh, is almost ready to open in theatres on June 7, 2024. The fourth film in the Maddock Supernatural Universe, directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and scripted by Niren Bhatt, follows the success of Stree (2018), Roohi (2021), and Bhediya (2022).

The planned project combines humour and horror to explore a unique folklore-based plot. The filmmakers have assured us of a novel and unique cinematic encounter. Thus, this post will examine every aspect of the upcoming film, from the story to the OTT release.

Munjya release date, cast, plot & more

The protagonist Bittu is the only one who sees Munjya, a diminutive but menacing ghost, throughout the narrative. He is portrayed by Abhay Verma as a shy, glasses-wearing young man. The recently released trailer offered a preview of the main themes and plot points of the movie.

It opens by presenting the audience to Chetukwadi, a location thought to be cursed. This especially applies to the tree that holds Munjya’s ashes. He was a young man who died too soon, although he had wanted to marry Munni.

He has since been seen waiting for his ancestors to assist him in granting his final wish. As soon as Abhay Verma’s character discovers the tree, Munjya’s ghost begins to haunt and follow him about. His persona is similar to that of Betaal from the traditional Indian story of Betaal and Vikram.

Those close to him quickly come to the conclusion that Munjya is the cause of his unique conduct. As a result, they discover the ghost’s birthplace and discover its past. Bittu’s mother, however, advises against going there after alluding to some nefarious activity that occurred when they were last there. When the movie opens on theatres, the remaining details will become clear.

More details on Sharvari Wagh’s upcoming movie

The film stars Abhay Verma alongside Sharvari Wagh, Mona Singh, and Sathyaraj, among others. The group is completed by Taran Singh, Suhas Joshi, Bhagyashree Limaye, and Ajay Purkar.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has certified Munjya as U/A, meaning no cuts are needed. Two hours and three minutes is the ultimate runtime of 123 minutes.

Regarding Munjya’s over-the-top release information, the developers have not disclosed the official streaming partner. However, current sources suggest that Munjya would be accessible for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar following its theatrical debut. Furthermore, how well the movie does at the box office will determine when OTT releases. It is therefore anticipated to be launched in about two months.

People are excited for Munjya’s release. Actor Abhay Verma expressed similar enthusiasm for the film’s impending release in a recent statement. He experienced out, “To be a part of something that hasn’t happened before in Bollywood itself makes it special for me. You always want to be a part of love stories in Bollywood and I’m extremely grateful to Lord Ganesha for a love story this wicked yet loving!”

Writer Niren Bhatt discusses what distinguishes Munjya from other films. “Traditionally, a man goes through four stages in his life: Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, and Sannyasa. The beginning of the student phase is symbolised by the Upanayan, or Thread Ceremony. After his munja but before his Sod munja, an unmarried man becomes a Munjya, a spirit that lives under peepal trees or next to wells.

Those who are eager to see this folklore-infused horror comedy in Munjya will have to wait until June 7, 2024 to do so.

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