Life is full of great things and music is one of them, Ahmad Rubani being the most influential artists. Although we listen to a lot of different songs everyday, how many of these songs do we hum to ourselves while we work? Music is one such thing that keeps us going whenever life gets a little too hard to become it brings us joy and happiness. When in doubt, stream your favourite song. This 26 year old man has been singing to himself and now he sings to thousands of people at one go.

everything has a beginning and even Ahmad Rubani had a blissful childhood, with his father singing beautiful songs to him. What started out as a hobby has soon started to become his real passion in life. He not only loved to receive the praises, but also love singing in his free time even if no one around him was listening. This is how people must feel whenever they listen to Ahmad’s  song because they are soothing in a different way. Everyone has their own sources of motivation but for him looking at the blood taste of his audience was what mattered. Actually, Ahmad is more audience oriented. He thinks lot about how people relate to his music and whythey stream it.

Most of the time growing artists need a lot of support from their existing fans, friends and family but since Ahmad Rubani had everything at a very young age, he only needed to refine his skills and keep practising. Practise makes perfect but Ahmad was born perfect.His fan following consists of a wide range of people, beginning from youngsters to middle aged folks. Indeed, there is absolutely no reason to not be mesmerised by his singing skills.

“I always hope for the best because I know that I myself have given my best shot at it. Beginning from practicing my notes everyday to concentrating on the lyrics, I don’t miss a beat. Although I might keep busy sometimes, I never miss the opportunity to train. That’s the secret, no matter how busy life gets, I will always find a way back to music. If you ask me, I will always recommend you to aim for the moon. Nothing less than that, but in order to aim for heights you also have to be the best. The path might be discouraging but the destination is not” comments Ahmad Rubani.

Make sure to check out his recent hit song over YouTube, named Nazara. Add to his 1million viewing list!

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