Style utters louder than words do. Being a fashion model and getting distinction based on your style is a different kind of contentment. Apart from its sparkling shine which is visible to the world from outside Modeling and Fashion industry; it is a very competitive industry and tough to get the name established in it.

Neda DeBiase was devoted to modeling since her early 20s. Despite having an excellent academic record in the medical field, she was ascertained about her passion for modeling since the beginning. Ultimately, inferring her devotion to fashion and modeling, she elected modeling as her pursuit. She is an immensely hard working woman who has been following her passion emerging out as a model. She enrolled herself into
Modeling & acting school at JO ANDERSON MODEL & TALENT, In New Jersey. She now is also affiliated with other big agencies in Pennsylvania & NYC statewide.

Neda also loves working both ends of the camera. She loves photography & also became a certified make up artist through L Studio Makeovers. It became easy to understand portfolio expectations, modeling poses & applying different make up styles.

She is inferred to be comprehended adequately as an enlightening persona in the modeling and fashion industry. She says, “I’d love to open my own personal studio and help make others feel accepted and beautiful about themselves with my photography & makeup skills. Making a change in someone’s life about how they may feel about themselves is powerful. I want to be a well-known model & show people the importance of how hard work gets you places. I’m very passionate about people whether it’s making them feel beautiful about themselves or believing in themselves.”

For her individualism and skills Neda is awarded for her magnificent passion & well deserving title of Mrs. Philadelphia US Nation 2020 with the US Nation pageant. She has walked in several different fashion shows in NYC one being Super Chic Fashion week along with other fashion shows. Neda is scheduled to embrace the stage with her aura at The Fashion Life Tour show September 2020.
She also did small roles on TV in the introductory day of her career namely Blue bloods, smash, hospital commercials, etc. Her personality is very vibing and alluring which captivates the eyes of every an individual who knows what a real fashionista actually looks like.

Wishing her all the gold and glitter for her upcoming brighter future.

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