DVK One is an independent artist of his real name Kountche Daouda Issoufou Amadou from niger, born December 12, 2001 in Burkina Faso, is co-founder of the music label Dabassment Records in 2020, the artist starts this musical career with several singles as palmares of different musical genre like afro beat, hiphop rap.

If you are not a fan of rap and do not have young people aged 20 and under in your entourage, presentations are essential: at 19 years old, Daouda is one of the stars of the moment. I’m not looking for light at all costs, yet admits the young rapper. I don’t want to show my privacy, which is very, very quiet. You may never have seen him, but many of them know his lyrics by heart. With several mixtapes, a few very catchy tracks and a first hit single (LADS), DVK One stands out as one of the new faces of French rap, while remaining shunned by the general public. The phenomenon is gaining momentum at the end of August 2021 with the title true story. The young rapper seems ready to conquer new territories. do not hesitate to follow him on his instagram page to find out more

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