All smartphone users, not only those who use iPhones, must abide by the Apple user guidelines. Therefore, even if you use Android, these best practices may still be useful to you.

Users of iPhones are advised not to charge their devices when they are kept next to them on the bed in an Apple user guide.

A “well-ventilated area” is crucial, according to the Cupertino behemoth, for charging an iPhone. In essence, smartphones typically heat up more than usual when they are plugged in to charge. As the device temperature rises, leaving a plugged-in gadget on a bed or between sheets could cause it to heat up even more, which, according to Apple, could cause “discomfort or injury” if you are exposed to it. Apple further advises against lying down or sitting on the charging wire.

Additionally, the user handbook advises staying with’made for iPhones’ accessories, compatible and authorized third-party cables, or official Apple USB adapters and charging cables.

The recommendation also cautions against using broken or damaged cords and chargers as well as against plugging in the iPhone to charge while there is moisture present as these actions could result in fire, injury, electric shock, or damage to the device.

It has also been suggested to keep metallic objects out of the way and to avoid setting metallic foreign objects (such keys, coins, batteries, or jewelry) down on the charging pad when using a wireless charger. The charging process must be protected against potential heating by taking this precaution.

In addition, the user guide contains cautions regarding the handling, repair, USB power adapter, hearing loss, and other problems associated with using an iPhone.

Notably, the charging recommendations provided by Apple apply to any smartphone on the market. Therefore, even if you don’t use an iPhone, reviewing these best practices may still be beneficial to you.

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