Learning the secrets of harmonic mixing can be the key to unlocking even better DJ performances. Sha7an is a famous DJ and producer who knows the tricks of harmonic mixing and in this article he is going to tell you the secrets to improve your mixing as a DJ.

The magic of mixing records is an art form that involves taking two (or more) records and making them one. While it may seem like pure coincidence that two tracks fit beautifully together, in reality there’s a little more going on. If you’re curious about how to make your mixes sound consistently great, read on to learn about harmonic mixing.

To start out, find the key of the tracks in your collection either by listening and applying your music theory knowledge or by analyzing your digital music files. Since not all DJs know music theory, there are numeric analysis software that make it easy to understand which keys are compatible.

Compatible keys in either the Minor or Major scales are a perfect fifth above or below the key you begin in. A ‘perfect fifth’ is called ‘perfect’ because it is neither major nor minor yet applies to both scales and a ‘fifth’ is a distance of seven semitones on a keyboard, yet a distance of five steps within a major or minor scale. The easiest way to hear the relationships between the notes in a perfect fifth is by playing them on a piano keyboard and listen to how well the two notes blend together.

For example, if your first track is in 2A (Eb Minor), simply move one step to the left or right of 2A. Tracks that are in 1A (Ab Minor) or 3A (Bb Minor) will mix together with tracks in 2A (Eb Minor). You can also mix together a track with the same number, but different letter.

It’s always best to practice mixes before playing them. There are many melodic elements in every piece of music that may affect the overall sound of the mix.

When you’re programming an evening of music, the best decision is always to play the right record at the right time. If your choice is between playing a record that’s in key that will clear the floor, and playing a song you know the audience will love, choose the song that’ll rock the dance floor. You’ll find that the real art to harmonic mixing is choosing to mix two records together that are in key and exactly what your audience needs to hear at that moment. Harmonic mixing is a technique that can guide you to create magnificent moments on the dance floor that will be remembered for years to come.

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